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Austria & Switzerland Map (Coach Add-on) - RRP: 17.99

The alps are known for their impressive landscape - and with the new add-on Austria/Switzerland the player can now discover this region in Fernbus Coach Simulator, as well. The expansion adds the countries Austria and Switzerland seamlessly to the existing map, allowing virtual bus drivers to pass the borders without loading times.

The serpentines, pass roads, and tunnels that are typical for these countries take you to faithfully recreated bus stations in 11 new cities, including major ones like Vienna, Bern, Zurich, and Salzburg. Famous sights and custom mountain massifs help create a believable panorama of the alps.

The new roads in Austria and Switzerland add to the 20,000 km of the German road network found in Fernbus Coach Simulator, the first simulation of the now very popular intercity buses. Thanks to the cooperation with FlixBus the Fernbus Coach simulator shows the world of a large coaches'; driver on the German Autobahn and major roads in great detail.

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