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ET Armies (PC DVD ROM) - RRP: 19.99

In a distant future, mankind has located and inhabited new planets. As the new world expands, humanity's hunger for power and new resources intensifies. Although many new planets are found, our mother Earth has fallen and has been left almost uninhabitable. Abandoning Earth was the only guarantee for survival, however, not all can leave. Those left behind unite in their struggle for survival on the doomed planet. But it's just the beginning for the Forsaken, a beginning to their devastating plan for vengeance; a massive onslaught that must be stopped, by all means necessary.

Extra-Terrestrial Armies is a fast-paced science fiction first person shooter. . A new force has risen on Earth. You will play as a Parsis soldier, on a mission to resist this new power from Planet Earth, a power that hungers for supremacy and war. You will face more strife than you can imagine. Defend against the massive invasion of the Forsaken. Fight against different enemies with your allies and defend your land from their brutality.

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