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Euro Truck Classic Collection (Euro Truck Simulator + Trucks & Trailers) - RRP: 7.99

This first Classic Collection includes the most up to date Euro Truck Simulator from the original product and popular Trucks and Trailers so that you can put into practice your large truck driving skills such as reversing.

Euro Truck Simulator features:
- Choose your truck - there's a wide variety to suit all budgets! Maximise your business potential by choosing the best you can afford.
- This truly immersive environment allows you to pan around the cabin and check your wing mirrors, just like actually sitting at the wheel!
- Each of the trucks is based on European design and has meticulously detailed 3D interiors.
- Collect your earnings when you arrive at the depot, fines for traffic violations will be deducted however!

Truck & Trailers features:
- Uses the high quality Euro Truck Simulator 2 graphics engine.
- Over 50 challenges, with achievements and awards, guarantees you will want to keep on truckin'
- Incredible 3D graphics that bring beautifully detailed trucks and trailers to life
- Multiple camera views of an intricate 3D world
- Accurate physics that offers stunning realism in the handling of your truck

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Telephone: + 44 1869 338833 Fax: + 44 1869 338755 Email:
For further information please call or email us.

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