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OMSI Add-On Chicago Downtown - RRP: 19.99

Catch a fresh breeze for OMSI 2. Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. and delivers a unique scenario with completely new vehicles and scenery objects. Welcome to "Windy City" at Lake Michigan!

Two buses (40-feet and 60-feet articulated) included, featuring hybrid and Diesel drive, multiple paintworks, authentic operation controls and sounds.

20 miles of streets have been reproduced and brought into the game with all crossings and buildings to achieve a realistic picture. Leave the depot garage in the suburbs and head downtown on the highway. You will operate lines 124 and 130 with 60 stops in total.

Navigate through street canyons and tunnels, and enjoy the gaze of Chicago's skyline over the shimmering water. Don't get delayed by drawbridges, stopping delivery vans and garbage trucks simulated by exclusive AI events.

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