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Shoppe Keep (PS4) - RRP: RRP: 14.99

Runaway indie hit Shoppe Keep has been enjoyed by over 120,000 gamers for PC as well as being nominated for Game of the Year on IndieDB in 2015. This quirky, individual game has sparked the imagination of gamers and reviewers alike.

Swords, Wizards, Potions, Spells, fighting to the death and making money - it's all in a day's work in this unusual business management simulation.

CREATE your own fantasy shop selling everything from armour to potions and so much more
DEVELOP your business and dominate the market
EMPLOY "helper bots" - the latest in fantasy technology
BEWARE the evil Barbarians who threaten to attack at any time
BUILD your empire from the ground up

- Enchanting fantasy art style
- Choice of furniture to give your store it's own unique character
- Create a champion, select it's class and send them out on adventures
- Multiple file save system
- Player house with unlockable decorations
- Built-in snap to grid mode for easy to achieve structure
- Expansive gameplay unlocks new perks in the skill tree from gardening, alchemy, new tools and higher tier stock
- Cycle through four seasons with each featuring exclusive items such as frost resistant potions for the winter

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