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Train Simulator 2015 - RRP: 29.99

In this latest edition of Train Simulator there are new routes plus the exciting TS Academy feature - an interactive on-line to tutorial to get even the most novice train driver zipping along the tracks like a professional!

TS Academy: Learn to drive all types of train at the TS Academy, Go from beginner to pro and earn driver licenses and awards, and Master different terrain and signalling systems

Content Included: London to Peterborough East Coast Mainline route, First Capital Connect Class 365 PLUS Hitachi IEP locos, New York to New Haven North East Corridor route, Amtrak ACS 64 PLUS Amtrak Acela Express locos, Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirschen route, DB BR 426 EMU PLUS DB 411 ICE T locos

Headline Figures: 4 Routes, 13 Locomotives, 75 Scenarios, and Estimated over 18hours of game play excl. Workshop & Editors.

Content Upgrades: New Volumetric Cloud System (shadow on ground), New Character Animations, and New & Expanded Road Vehicles

Growing your digital hobby: Extra scenarios available for free from the Steam workshop, Create your own scenarios and edit your routes, Additional routes and locos available from the in game store

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