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Truckin Collection - RRP: 19.99
Developed by world-renowned SCS Software, drive through mainland Europe and cross the channel into the UK indulging yourself in your favourite pastime. We also have a special edition which includes a high quality T-shirt.

In Scania Truck Driving Simulator you're in the driving seat of a faithfully recreated Scania truck cab and will have to manoeuvre your HGV around tight corners and narrow roads after completing the Licence section of the game.

Get behind the wheel of trucks inspired by real designs from seven major European truck manufacturers including official licenses from MAN in German Truck Simulator as you deliver cargo between 18 major German cities.

Drive your truck across a realistic depiction of England, Scotland and Wales and visit beautiful cities delivering over 60 types of cargo in UK Truck Simulator.

In Euro Truck Simulator you'll drive your HGV across Europe collecting and delivering cargo on time every time. You'll need to buy fuel and upgrades and pay fines for speeding as well as settle repair bills if you damage your truck.
Put your truck driving skills to the test in Trucks & Trailers. Complete basic training and then manoeuvre these huge vehicles in time trials making sure you deliver those valuable goods in pristine condition

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