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6th October 2016

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A Child longs to soar through the sky with the grace of an eagle! But alone they lack the technique to truly fly. Only you (The Dad) posses the throwing arm required to help nurture a Child to become the weapon it was always meant to be. Dad Quest combines the 2D action platformer genre with some familiar mechanics found inside RPG games to create an interesting world to explore filled with comedy and a dash of charm.

Be a Dad

Our Dad’s may not look like much, but they can sure pack a delicious lunch! In Dad Quest, ‘Dad’ is a title taken by those who love their children. They can come in many shapes, sizes and even genders. Dad’s can also learn new abilities over time which will make them more effective in combat and allow them to explore previously unreachable areas.

Raise a Child

As you know, the Child is an indestructible force of nature and is able to destroy any object within seconds. Alone, the child can become a wayward son (or daughter), but with the unbreakable bond of love from their Dad, they can truly grow and become the weapon they were meant to be. As you and your Child continue to defeat enemies, the Child will level up, with each level they will either change their physical looks, earn new abilities, or learn new behaviors.


Children love toys! In Dad Quest, toys are not just play things. Instead they alter the stats and abilities of the Child to make them stronger or give them awesome new skills. A Child can hold up to two toys at one time, so mix and match in order to find the right toy set up that suits you


Dads are drawn to old items like a crow to a shiny nickel and there is nothing older than a family heirloom! These are key objects in Dad Quest where various actions can be performed by using them on people and the environment.

Friends and Foes

Dad Quest is full of strange and mysterious creatures! Some are violent while others will mind their own business or display bad etiquette by hurting people accidentally.


  • Gorgeous pixal art and great story bring your Dad to life
  • Constantly expanding story within Steams Early Access
  • Level up your child and learn abilities
  • Obtain Toys and Heirlooms to boost your power even further
  • Face strange foes and bosses


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