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The World Needs You!

In the midst of a global population boom and catastrophic climate change, you have been appointed captain of Universal Space Station Your mission: deliver a sustainable solution to global starvation.

Create our New Dawn

Where some see chaos, others see opportunity.

Universal Space Station Inc. is the first commercial organisation to enter the new space race; if you can lead this project from the ground up, and be the first to successfully grow crops in space, the financial and social rewards will be immeasurable. It’s down to you to create a self-fulfilling infrastructure capable of facilitating research and growing food.

Secure our Survival

We’re relying on you to carefully manage your space station’s unique modules, each dependent on one another. Whether it’s oxygen, water, power or crew members, your handling of each core space station resource impacts the others.

To succeed you will need to ride the ups and downs of the financial markets, navigate tense political situations, research and develop new crops and manage the resources your space station needs to survive.

Our Future Lies in Your Hands

You were chosen for this task because of your strategic mind, your nerves of steel, and your humanitarian compassion. You understand how to balance the commercial goals of your superiors with the needs of humanity.

The stakes have never been higher. It takes a special person to make the tough decisions required to save humanity.

It is time to take your place as the captain of Universal Space Station Inc. Our future lies in your hands.


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