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We at Contact Sales have been helping to forge success and prosperity for hard-working developers in the games industry.  Along with other partners, we bring digital and boxed video games to a worldwide market with a focus on the simulation genre.

We also have a sound reputation for supplying top-quality peripherals to the simulation enthusiast. To find out how we could help you, just drop us an email: or try the old fashioned way and give us a call on 01869 338833.

Contact Sales Ltd

We are a distributor of boxed PC and console games, also offering a selection of high-quality gaming hardware, and more recently, a range of affordable console and hand-held accessories.

Since 1997 we have shipped over 5 million copies of boxed products. We have exclusively distributed 425 titles and published 419 under our brand names of Excalibur Games and First Class Simulations.

We are proud to be a medium-sized, privately owned business that has shown significant growth over the last year with the addition of new publishing partners and peripheral ranges.

Independent developer support

We have enjoyed seeing products come through from several indie developers and helping them to maximise their exposure in the digital playing field, but also extending the reach to our overseas markets and home markets with boxed products.

Recent success stories include Tracks the Train Set Game, Flashing Lights, and Ranch Sim.

New boundaries in console marketing

In addition to expanding our PC range across the board, we have also been active in the console markets, enjoying publishing licenses with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

The range of boxed console products has been boosted with our new partner Meridiem Publishing who has a strong range of both PC and console products covering PS4 and Switch, including the superb RTS Ancestors Legacy.

In 2020 we have published Mortal Shell on PS4 and Xbox, Tracks on Nintendo Switch, Ion Fury on PS4 and Switch as well as our back-catalogue range.

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